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  • JAN190556  ·  CONSENSUS: 94%
    Dial H for Hero #1
    Wonder Comics  ·  Mar 27th, 2019  ·  $3.99

    THE HERO WITHIN Miguel, a teen daredevil, becomes the newest wielder of the Hero Dial—a rotary phone-like device that grants the user superpowers for one hour when they dial H-E-R-O. Will he rise as a new hero in the... View »

  • FEB190494  ·  CONSENSUS: 89%
    Dial H for Hero #2
    Wonder Comics  ·  Apr 24th, 2019  ·  $3.99

    RIVER DEEP, MOUNTAIN HIGH On the road (in a food truck full of mayonnaise!) with the amazing H-Dial that gifts the user with a new superpower every time they place a call, teenage runaways Miguel and Summer come under attack... View »

  • MAR190506  ·  CONSENSUS: 91%
    Dial H for Hero #3
    Wonder Comics  ·  May 22nd, 2019  ·  $3.99

    YESTERDAY Teen daredevil Miguel and runaway Summer travel to the hime of the flash in Central City to steal back the H-Dial as a secret former weilder of the powerful device swears to do anything to becomes a hero again—including... View »

  • APR190463  ·  CONSENSUS: 88%
    Dial H for Hero #4
    Wonder Comics  ·  Jun 26th, 2019  ·  $3.99

    With the Dial finally secured, and on the run from those who want to control the powerful device that can give anyone the powers of a random superhero, Miguel and Summer head to the old Justice League Detroit headquarters... View »

  • MAY190404  ·  CONSENSUS: 93%
    Dial H for Hero #5
    Wonder Comics  ·  Jul 24th, 2019  ·  $3.99

    SECRET ORIGINS OF THE HERO-VERSE! The hunt is on! Miguel and Summer must journey into the Heroverse in pursuit of Mr. Thunderbolt, who has stolen the H-Dial and threatens to destroy it all! But if they wish to survive, Miguel... View »

  • JUN190494  ·  CONSENSUS: 89%
    Dial H for Hero #6
    Wonder Comics  ·  Aug 28th, 2019  ·  $3.99

    ANYONE CAN BE A HERO Just as Miguel and Summer learn the stunning truth of his identity, Mr. Thunderbolt launches his most devastating attack yet—by using the H-Dial on everyone in Metropolis! As chaos ensues throughout... View »

  • JUL190560  ·  CONSENSUS: 95%
    Dial H for Hero #7
    Wonder Comics  ·  Sep 25th, 2019  ·  $3.99

    THE NEW HEROES OF METROPOLIS Now a 12-issue series! What happened when Metropolis became the city of a thousand heroes? Get the inside story through the eyes of the ordinary people transformed by the powerful H-Dial into... View »

  • AUG190580  ·  CONSENSUS: 100%
    Dial H for Hero #8
    Wonder Comics  ·  Oct 23rd, 2019  ·  $3.99

    THE MANY TRANSFORMATIONS OF ROBBY REED Summer and Miguel discover a new, dark power of the H-Dial—a power as old as the DC Universe itself! With the future of the entire Multiverse at stake, our heroes must venture... View »

  • SEP190528  ·  CONSENSUS: 92%
    Dial H for Hero #9
    Wonder Comics  ·  Nov 20th, 2019  ·  $3.99

    HUSTLE BUDDIES Miguel and Summer take on their dual roles as youngest heroes and newest residents of Metropolis—but unfortunately, being a hero doesn’t exactly pay the rent! Meanwhile, Mister Thunderbolt and... View »

  • OCT190607  ·  CONSENSUS: 100%
    Dial H for Hero #10
    Wonder Comics  ·  Jan 1st, 2020  ·  $3.99

    MIGUEL AND THE SUMMER TRAVEL THE MULTIVERSE Miguel and Summer's search for the remaining H-Dials takes them into the Multiverse, where they encounter new worlds and new threats never seen before! But are they fast enough-and... View »

  • NOV190513  ·  CONSENSUS: 100%
    Dial H for Hero #11
    Wonder Comics  ·  Jan 29th, 2020  ·  $3.99

    DEAR DAD Miguel and Summer’s quest for the H-Dial takes them to the most dangerous place yet: Apokolips! But even with victory so close, Mr. Thunderbolt always has one more trick up his sleeve... View »

  • DEC190541  ·  CONSENSUS: 86%
    Dial H for Hero #12
    Wonder Comics  ·  Feb 26th, 2020  ·  $3.99

    DIAL F FOR FINALE! Miguel must face his most dangerous opponent yet—himself! With the fate of the Multiverse hanging in the balance, Miguel must battle his literal dark side. Will he and Summer survive the experience?... View »

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