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  • JUN140291  
    Teen Titans Go! #5
    DC Comics  ·  Aug 20th, 2014  ·  $2.99

    How do Beast Boy and Cyborg kill time between missions? By making prank calls, of course! Plus: A package for Raven leaves the rest of the Titans asking, 'What's in the box?!' View »

  • AUG140346  
    Teen Titans Go! #6
    DC Comics  ·  Oct 15th, 2014  ·  $2.99

    What happens when the girls have a slumber party and don't invite any of the boys? What about when Cyborg and Beast Boy plug their sweet new game console into the Tower's mainframe computer? We're glad you asked - but did... View »

  • OCT140380  
    Teen Titans Go! #7
    DC Comics  ·  Dec 17th, 2014  ·  $2.99

    When Starfire develops a massive crush on the latest teen pop sensation, Robin will stop at nothing to recapture her attention - even if he must become a teen idol himself! Plus: Cyborg gets an awesome new jacket! Boo-yah! View »

  • DEC140399  
    Teen Titans Go! #8
    DC Comics  ·  Feb 18th, 2015  ·  $2.99

    The day the Titans have been dreading all year has finally arrived. A day of unimaginable pain. Insurmountable loneliness. Inconceivable amounts of ice cream. That's right - it's Valentine's Day! View »

  • FEB150271  
    Teen Titans Go! #9
    DC Comics  ·  Apr 15th, 2015  ·  $2.99

    It’s Titan vs. Titan in a no-holds-barred, winner-take-all...staring contest! In the end, it’s Robin vs. Raven with the fate of the world hanging in the balance. Which will turn the tide: Robin’s focused... View »

  • APR150281  
    Teen Titans Go! #10
    DC Comics  ·  Jun 17th, 2015  ·  $2.99

    After responding to an ad in a comic book, Beast Boy is the proud owner of a brand new pair of Hypno-Specs - and he's not afraid to use them! View »

  • JUN150275  
    Teen Titans Go! #11
    DC Comics  ·  Aug 19th, 2015  ·  $2.99

    Cyborg grows his very first mustache! But are the rest of the Titans ready for Cyborg's newfound manliness? View »

  • AUG150257  
    Teen Titans Go! #12
    DC Comics  ·  Oct 21st, 2015  ·  $2.99

    Raven thought things couldn’t get any worse after Starfire posted an online dating profile…until she posted one for Raven, too! But she quickly learns things can get a whole lot worse when their “perfect... View »

  • OCT150236  
    Teen Titans Go! #13
    DC Comics  ·  Dec 16th, 2015  ·  $2.99

    Beast Boy does too. Many. Chores. So he joins his buddy Aqualad for the easy life under the sea. But making his lazy dreams come true isn't as simple as he had hoped! And stick around as we explore the single most terrifying... View »

  • DEC150309  
    Teen Titans Go! #14
    DC Comics  ·  Feb 17th, 2016  ·  $2.99

    Starfire is the one Titan who believes strongly enough to make a fairy godmother show up at the Tower. And only Beast Boy would take advantage of that opportunity to create havoc! Then, Cyborg really should have read the... View »

  • FEB160219  
    Teen Titans Go! #15
    DC Comics  ·  Apr 20th, 2016  ·  $2.99

    Raven and Cyborg create a pair of spooky-looking leggings from a pattern in one of Raven's arcane books. But Robin's in for quite the fright when he tries on these 'Scaredy Pants'! Then, when Titans East... View »

  • APR160369  
    Teen Titans Go! #16
    DC Comics  ·  Jun 1st, 2016  ·  $2.99

    After a stunning bank heist, the Amazing Mumbo Jumbo uses his magic to scramble the superpowers of the Teen Titans! What will Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire, Raven and Cyborg do with their newfound abilities? View »

  • JUN160327  
    Teen Titans Go! #17
    DC Comics  ·  Aug 17th, 2016  ·  $2.99

    When Starfire comes down with a case of the dreaded Tamaranian flu, the Teen Titans go to another dimension to find the rare medicine she needs. But is the cure worse than the disease? View »

  • AUG160314  
    Teen Titans Go! #18
    DC Comics  ·  Oct 12th, 2016  ·  $2.99

    The Teen Titans…stars of their own TV series? But which Teen Titans TV series will it be? Each of the Titans has their own idea…and one of them might just be your favorite! View »

  • OCT160286  
    Teen Titans Go! #19
    DC Comics  ·  Dec 21st, 2016  ·  $2.99

    The prank war to end all prank wars has erupted in Titans Tower, but for some reason, Beast Boy seems to be out-pranking everyone-he even dodged Cyborg's barrage of stankballs. It's like he knows what pranks are... View »

  • DEC160367  
    Teen Titans Go! #20
    DC Comics  ·  Feb 15th, 2017  ·  $2.99

    Robin's 'Poetry Jam' was supposed to be romantic, but things are about to get really gross instead. We're shocked. Then it's time for spring break! Swapping their uniforms for bathing suits, the Titans... View »

  • FEB170281  
    Teen Titans Go! #21
    DC Comics  ·  Apr 26th, 2017  ·  $2.99

    Titans Tower has been condemned! The Titans don't want to become couch surfers, but they have to find a new place to live while repairs are underway. Let's find out if the Batcave is available! And when the Titans... View »

  • APR170397  
    Teen Titans Go! #22
    DC Comics  ·  Jun 21st, 2017  ·  $2.99

    Something 'Smells like Teen Titans Spirit' when Raven judges a musical competition and Punk Rocket's band threatens to shake the city to pieces! Then our heroes grow 'Bored of the Dance' when Starfire's... View »

  • JUN170355  
    Teen Titans Go! #23
    DC Comics  ·  Aug 16th, 2017  ·  $2.99

    The Justice League is stopping by Titans Tower, but this time it’s not about saving the world. Nope, today it’s about “Misadventures in Babysitting.” Then, when the Teen Titans make their heroic services... View »

  • AUG170315  
    Teen Titans Go! #24
    DC Comics  ·  Oct 18th, 2017  ·  $2.99

    Things get 'Twisted' when the Titans borrow a game Starfire brought from home. Who knew they'd merge into one giant pizza-eating, self-destructive bundle of nerves? Then, the team has to recruit new members to live up to... View »

  • OCT170350  
    Teen Titans Go! #25
    DC Comics  ·  Dec 20th, 2017  ·  $2.99

    It's the holidays, and the Titans are in the spirit. Of course, when Colossal Boy gets diverted on his time-trip from the 31st Century back to the first Chanukah, the spirit they get into is just a little confused. They're... View »

  • DEC170371  
    Teen Titans Go! #26
    DC Comics  ·  Feb 21st, 2018  ·  $2.99

    A new time-wasting gadget has become Jump City's latest craze, and no one's getting anything done. Beast Boy and Cyborg seem immune to its spell, but can the team's LEAST-motivated members find the Fun Gus "Among... View »

  • FEB180274  
    Teen Titans Go! #27
    DC Comics  ·  Apr 18th, 2018  ·  $2.99

    The team makes an 'Appointment with Doom' when they each try to see a doctor. Beast Boy is convinced that evil Insure Ants will attack-and he might be right! And when Robin forces the team to do some 'Spring Cleaning,' they... View »

  • APR180247  
    Teen Titans Go! #28
    DC Comics  ·  Jun 20th, 2018  ·  $2.99

    Control Freak's latest plan? Sending the Teen Titans to the past! Will our heroes have fun in 1950s Hollywood? Maybe. But when they return to the present, Robin's got some chores to do, and the rest of the team will... View »

  • JUN180542  
    Teen Titans Go! #29
    DC Comics  ·  Aug 15th, 2018  ·  $2.99

    Success! The Titans finally got their movie and all the fame and glamor that went with it. But are they doomed to wallow after their 15 minutes of fame are over? And then, the Teen Titans Go...back to Hollywood! Their L.A.... View »

  • JUL180697  
    Teen Titans Go! #30
    DC Comics  ·  Sep 19th, 2018  ·  $2.99

    The Teen Titans are going on a "Picnic"! Well, everyone but Raven, who doesn't quite understand the invitation/riddle and is about to explode from frustration. Then, Beast Boy stomps off from Fiesta Friday... View »

  • SEP180520  
    Teen Titans Go! #31
    DC Comics  ·  Nov 21st, 2018  ·  $2.99

    When Robin catches Starfire, Raven and Cyborg making paper airplanes, he warns them that they're dangerously close to unlocking "The Deadliest Art": origami. Then, the Titans are shunned by social media elites... View »

  • NOV180503  
    Teen Titans Go! #32
    DC Comics  ·  Jan 23rd, 2019  ·  $2.99

    Starfire is “Snowbunny’s Fool” when Robin takes the team to a ski resort—but it’s cold-weather-hater Raven who really surprises her teammates! And back in Titans Tower, things go awry when watching... View »

  • JAN190637  
    Teen Titans Go! #33
    DC Comics  ·  Mar 20th, 2019  ·  $2.99

    Tragedy—a.k.a. puberty—strikes the Titans ,and Cyborg faces the most dreaded crisis a teenager can endure in “Whatzit?” And stick around for game night at Titans Tower as Robin DMs a session of “Basements... View »

  • MAR190553  
    Teen Titans Go! #34
    DC Comics  ·  May 15th, 2019  ·  $2.99

    The Titans get swept up in a 73-hour dystopian teen movie marathon, then reenact "The Hungry Games" when they realize there's only one slice of pizza left! And when a meatball-making contest sponsored by a... View »

  • MAY190453  
    Teen Titans Go! #35
    DC Comics  ·  Jul 17th, 2019  ·  $2.99

    Robin's appalled when he finds Cyborg and Beast Boy "Dropping Stuff Down a Hole," but it gets worse when they discover why that hole appeared! And Raven's bummed that her teammates are trying to hire a... View »

  • JUL190596  
    Teen Titans Go! #36
    DC Comics  ·  Sep 18th, 2019  ·  $2.99

    The Titans may have bungled Raven’s surprise party, but Pretty, Pretty Pegasus Live is coming to Jump City, and it’s their big chance to get tickets from some “Power Brokers” and make things right!... View »

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