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  • Zuria
    Zuria commented on the comic, Stillwater #1
    Stillwater #1
    Not a bad read; however, I'm expecting bigger things to come considering that the major plot point in this book is given away in the synopsis...
  • Zuria
    Zuria commented on the comic, Isola #1
    Isola #1
    My two cents: The artwork is beautiful and reminiscent of Disney and Studio Gibli. The panels are drawn with cinematic aesthetics; a lot of subtext in the framing and visuals. As a result, this issue feels light in its dialogue. That said, this is high fantasy material and may therefore fall into the worn tropes of the genre as the story unfolds. However, it is worth a five issue commitment to see...
    • Easybrand
      I’m in total agreement. Like everyone has said, the art is amazing the story could be better but it has the ability to be good. I’ll give it a few issues and see where is goes.
  • Zuria
    Zuria commented on the comic, Diablo House #1
    Diablo House #1
    Meh... A surfer from La Jolla CA is your host in this forgettable cross between Fantasy Island and Tales From The Crypt that boasts good artwork, but suffers from a weak singular story with more wear than a retread tire.
  • Zuria
    Zuria commented on the comic, God Country #4
    God Country #4
    Emmett should've reverted to his original state as soon as he let go of Valofax. Speaking of, the sword seems to change attitude and power to serve the plot... I am hoping for better in future issues.
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