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  • ZhouChen
    ZhouChen commented on the comic, Star Wars: TIE Fighter #5
    Star Wars: TIE Fighter #5

    I feel like this story died out two issues ago and never bothered to try and recover.  It's either that, or I'm missing whatever message they are trying to express here when you start taking the novel they tie this to into consideration.  Maybe I need to finish that before I really settle on this one.

  • ZhouChen
    ZhouChen commented on the comic, She Said Destroy #1
    She Said Destroy #1

    I really wish I had noticed that Kangas was the artist for this one.  I would have passed on it entirely as I'm not a fan of her art style.  I dealt with it thus far in Black AF, but....I'm not in for another ride...

  • ZhouChen
    ZhouChen commented on the comic, Raven: Daughter of Darkness #11
    Raven: Daughter of Darkness #11
    Why do they make the cover act like it has something to do with the story and then ignore it? Skye didn't get nailed several issues back and no one was powerless this time.
  • ZhouChen
    ZhouChen commented on the comic, Adventure Time Comics #25
    Adventure Time Comics #25
    I just finally got caught up with this and I soooooo wished they had reversed the order of the stories on this one. The bus would have made for a better final story than the other one did.
  • ZhouChen
    ZhouChen commented on the comic, Deadpool #7
    Deadpool #7
    I swear the kids are from that Burger King kids gang from the 90s....
    • Russellmaniaxxx

      Didn't read this comics but that reference took me back

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