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  • Zephyria
    Zephyria commented on the comic, Cinema Purgatorio #1
    Cinema Purgatorio #1

    Here's my review, even though technically #1 hasn't released yet.  I got the Kickstarter hardcover and just finished reading it.  For anyone wondering whether to pick this up or not, I guess that really depends. 

    It is a black and white anthology that consists of five stories, which each will I assume will continue issue by issue.  First is "Cinema Purgatorio," the anthology's...

    • walkerjonas

      Might be the only kickstarter i ever considered backing. How's the binding on it?

  • realmrider

    We all knew it was coming...but they've finally announced it!

    The new Eternals series starts this November, and I couldn't have picked a better creative team for the project!

  • Zephyria
    Abnett has done it. Aquaman has finally gotten his stride back in this must-read issue. If you've jumped ship due to the past drop in quality it is worth your while to give Aquaman another shot. (Though how Garth manages...
  • Zephyria
    Zephyria commented on the comic, Plutona #1
    Plutona #1

    What do you all think of Plutona?  There's a sale on Comixology right now, but I'd like some opinions for the series up 'til now before I commit to buying all of the issues.

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      I really like it, and the artist Emi Lenox(?) and the absolutely amazing Jordie Bellaire on colors, coupled with Lemire is something you can't really go wrong with.  I believe the next issue releasing is the end of the story so you wouldn't be missing or spending an arm and leg to get caught up and then investing into.

  • Zephyria
    Zephyria commented on the comic, Copperhead #10
    Copperhead #10
    Does anyone know when or if this series is returning?
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    • walkerjonas

      Ahah, we finally have something conclusive.

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