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Stingray Must Haves

Updated 1 week ago


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  • Ferraz

    Stingray? Didn't know he has a fandom

    Reply  ·  1 week ago
  • Taren

    See something for everyone. 

    Reply  ·  1 week ago
  • zennlavian

    A buddy of mine said that Stingray didn't matter when he got "killed" in the recent Avengers run. I looked at him like he was insane. Stingray has always had one of the most distinctive looks. Love the guy.

    Reply  ·  1 week ago
  • Hermatt

    He was attacked by a bunch of Sharks that Namor sent after him I believe,

    Didn't he survive though?

    I remember in  Marvel Comics presents(2007) #11 there was  story with him Talking about how he was a second stringer and no one liked him or something. Then he saved a bunch of people from a giant sea monster by getting eaten and the monster choked on him.

    Reply  ·  1 week ago
  • mbach

    Nice!  I've been chasing that Namor #19 for a while now.

    Marvel Two-in-One issues #64-66 are also a good arc with Stingray.  Bonus - these issues also have some first appearances of Serpent Society members.

    Reply  ·  1 week ago
  • YoKnuckles

    Thank You! Added.

    Reply  ·  1 week ago