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  • xDIABOx
    xDIABOx reviewed Redline #1
    Read: #1 -> #5 First, I'm not that kind of guy that likes everything sci-fi related. When a story is about something somewhere in Space I tend to look the other way. But the #1 proved me the exact opposite. I was...
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    • PKcomic411
      Finally read the trade paperback. Loved it. The dialogue was the most authentic I've read in a comic. Solid solid tale. And this is the guy behind Archer on Adult Swim! Why wasn't this continued and therefore resolved! Then again? We know everything don't we, it just isn't played out. And for that? Maybe it's even better.
  • xDIABOx
    xDIABOx commented on the comic, Twisted Romance #2
    Twisted Romance #2

    Twinkle & The Star, great story. Really liked it, well balanced with the comic reliefs in the right time. 4*

  • xDIABOx
    xDIABOx commented on the comic, Doomsday Clock #2
    Doomsday Clock #2

    They lost me at the parallel universe shenanigans... #01 was a solid hit but this #02 just drove me away from this series.

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    • Lancashirearab

      I love all three of those books, Taren. I would also add Skizz and Halo Jones to Alan Moore classics, but they came before Watchmen, so I didn't mention them before. Top 10 is also very good.

  • xDIABOx
    xDIABOx commented on the comic, Bonehead #1
    Bonehead #1

    Read this today and was really suprised by it!
    I thought it was going to be a bland title from Image but this is actually really good. For cyberpunk lovers it's a must read. And better than God Complex!

    • Fauxey
      Oooh, I'll have to give this a read - I'm loving God Complex at the moment so this one must be good ahaha!
  • xDIABOx
    xDIABOx commented on the comic, Animosity: Evolution #2
    Animosity: Evolution #2

    This spin-off is so bad... I really love the original Animosity but the array of Animosity titles coming from AfterShock makes me be a bit more selective and remain loyal to the original and cut with the spin-offs. It's not just a matter of putting Animosity in the title and write garbage over it... removed the plug for this title and will also evaluate Animosity: The Rise on it's next issue. #nojunkfoodwritting

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