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  • WhatsernameHIM
    Honestly I was not a huge fan. The artwork was very nice but the storyline jumps around. I don’t think I will be getting the next one.
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    • cypressi

      I think this book was meant to be dreamlike and surreal to the reader (much like what the main character goes through)...so I can understand why its so flighty with its content.

  • Great storyline. It was another great issue. I really like how Daredevil had to work through his injury. I really liked this one. I will defiantly be getting the next one.
  • WhatsernameHIM
    The art is amazing for this series. I am really curious on what is down there. Very interesting storyline. I will defiantly be getting the next issue. It’s like an underwater murder mystery.
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    • Forthekids15

      I was hesitant to pick it up, mostly because I can't really afford any more subscriptions. But I LOVED this first issue. Now I have to find #2 somewhere.

  • Fantastic! That was an amazing first issue. The storyline is engaging and interesting. I also liked Blindspot. Can’t wait for the next issue!
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    • jaidenwars

      I believe this is a digital-first comic, which may explain some of the rushed art.

  • WhatsernameHIM
    Creepy. I would be completely creeped out if I saw a kid will all black eyes. And the whole sleep walking thing. No way. I am interested in seeing what they are planning on doing.
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