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  • Waro9Comics
    Waro9Comics commented on the comic, The Avengers #260
    The Avengers #260

    This is a very well made comic book. The backgrounds look great. It feels like a 80s comic book in all the good ways. Nothing incredibly interesting happened in the story. 

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    • zennlavian

      Ha! I recently re-read Stern's run on Avengers and it's simply fantastic, though it sort of flames out at the end. But in terms of connective tissue in the universe, Stern was one of the masters at making things meaningful.

  • Waro9Comics
    Waro9Comics commented on the comic, Nova #1
    Nova #1

    This is a great sequel. It explains everything you need to know about the story and works its way to have a fabulous cliffhanger. The art is painfully generic and some of the pages have really good and really bad layouts. Some of the panels are hard to read and then there are fabulous double pages that are amazing. 

  • Waro9Comics
    Waro9Comics commented on the comic, Omaha the Cat dancer #2
    Omaha the Cat dancer #2

    Not as good as the first issue and definently a more sex oriented issue. They still dont get in the way of the experience and hopefully wont in the next 2 issues.

  • The story is simply edgy, uninteresting, and boring. The art at the end looks great but doesnt improve this comic book at all
  • Waro9Comics
    Definitely potential for some interesting things to happen. The art is good and this is a very typical return of the heroes series. 
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