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  • Mara
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  • boyandhisblob
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  • willjohn56
    willjohn56 » walkerjonas

    How many copies do you have of Deathstroke #5 variant?

  • walkerjonas
    walkerjonas » walkerjonas

    Could this (http://leagueofcomicgeeks.com/comic/7708507/teen-titans-romita-variant-edition) and this (http://leagueofcomicgeeks.com/comic/1740405/superman-wonder-woman-romita-variant-edition) be scrapped? The respective variants are already present inside of the entry of the actual issue.

    • Daniel

      I'm sure Xploited can help you with that. Also, in the future, it might be easier to click the "?" in the bottom right hand corner and submit a support ticket.

  • walkerjonas
    walkerjonas » walkerjonas

    Straight from ritch the bleeding heart snitch.

    DC have also cancelled Dark Knight III: The Master Race #6 for now, which was meant to come out on June 15th was then delayed until the end of August and will now be resolicited for a later date.

    Source - Bleedingcool.com

    DC's pulling a Secret wars on us. Jesus, how do you end up with delays on a book that has got so much hinging on it.

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    • Hermatt

      Well, I'm kinda glad I decided to wait for the trade for this

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