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Plunge #2
The Best Horror Comic In Ages!
Plunge #2 Review
March 18th, 2020

This was so, so good! After the slow build-up and set-up of issue one, the madness really starts to hit the fan in here. No spoilers. Just want to say if you have any interest in horror or Lovecraft, give this title a read. It's the best horror comic I've read in ages. Great character writing by Joe Hill and atmospheric art by Stuart Immonen. Highly recommended!

Loved It


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  • badboynerd

    I bought the first issue and have yet to read it. Guess i need to do that and grab a copy of #2 as well!

    Reply  ·  3 months ago
  • Wakizashi
    Hope you enjoy it!
    Reply  ·  3 months ago