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  • Grant Morrison, you mad Scotsman, you! Are you trying to make me drop this comic book? How can you go from such a great previous issue to this? Writing "zany" dialog that just gets more and more annoying as the...
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    • Requiemlaureate

      I agree wholeheartedly. This issue is zany for the sake of zany, and it pretends pointing out how nothing makes sense somehow validates the zaniness.

  • As a long-time reader of Hellblazer I can honestly say this is one of the best issues ever. It's written by someone who really understands Constantine and is filled with little nods to the comic's history. It's...
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    • Dampstingray

      I think it really benefits having an English writer on this book.  Simply in the way he writes John makes the book more interesting.  James Tynion IV is a very good writer but I find Constantine really lacking in Justice League Dark.

  • Wakizashi
    Really good! I came here for Max Fiumara's art and loved the story. This was my first Abe Sapien comic. Recommend it!
  • Wakizashi
    Great opening featuring the Joker talking about his meeting with the Designer. There's an exciting fight between Deathstroke and Batman as the dark knight tries to reason with him. Both Catwoman and Harley look stunning...
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    • Wheezy1892
      @Wakizashi I believe they did announce someone a while ago but I think that was planned for post 5g (if that is happening) and when lucious would be batman (again if that is still planned, as both were pre Dan didio)
  • Wakizashi
    Wakizashi commented on the comic, The Immortal Hulk #33
    The Immortal Hulk #33

    Is this issue worth the higher price?

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    • Wakizashi

      That's great, thanks everyone!

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