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  • Vpalig
    Vpalig commented on the comic, Manifest Destiny Vol. 4: Sasquatch TP
    Manifest Destiny Vol. 4: Sasquatch TP
    it was a nice volume, but i like manifest destiny for the discovery aspect of the story and not much have been discovered in this part of the story.. propably they prepare us for the stories of the harsh winter
    • giveemhellweg
      They way they wrote this with the two stories overlapping and the potential foreshadowing from the last trip in 1801 was brilliant. I'm really excited to see where this series goes and I'm really happy that I'm trade waiting this series - it's beautiful to read collected.
  • Vpalig
    Vpalig commented on the comic, Star Wars: Vader Down TP
    Star Wars: Vader Down TP

    Too much of a black and white duels.. droid vs droid, scoundrel vs scoundrel, wookie vs wookie.. not great plot

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    • Vpalig

      not really.. its a different arc

  • Vpalig
    I really liked the art, and the story was nice too. The young lady character was very intresting. My only dissapointment was that this story doesnt felt like an important one for chewbacca. More like a usual story than an...
  • The Wicked + The Divine Vol. 3: Commercial Suicide TP

    i dont wet why so many changes of artists in this arc.. doesnt feel good, its like changing series every issue

  • Great stoty and great images. The only thing i really really miss are the covers
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