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  • VigorousJammer
    VigorousJammer commented on the comic, SFSX (Safe Sex) #1
    SFSX (Safe Sex) #1

    Mannn, this first issue was really good!!
    Great characters, great setup, great world-building, great dialogue, I also like the whole underground revolution camp on the last page.
    Before picking it up, I was interested in the concept of the series, but was worried that it was going to come off as too preachy, and while it definitely has a message to send, it relays...

  • VigorousJammer
    VigorousJammer commented on the comic, Deadpool Annual #1
    Deadpool Annual #1

    The writing was top notch here!
    Dana Scwartz seems to already understand Deadpool's character very well, and the jokes were funny on top of that.
    Definitely interested to see what they write next.

  • VigorousJammer
    VigorousJammer commented on the comic, Ghost-Spider #1
    Ghost-Spider #1

    For a #1, this is really not a good place to start. There's so much context from the previous Ghost-Spider series that's needed in order to follow the plot.
    If you're on the fence about this one, you should definitely read Spider Gwen: Ghost-Spider first. This is less of a #1, and more of a #11, continuing directly from where McGuire's previous 10-issue series left off.

    • Befilement

      I haven't read any Spider-Gwen/Ghost-Spider issues before this #1 and I was able to follow along fine and enjoyed it enough to get #2 (and planning on picking up #3 tomorrow). Your mileage may vary!

  • VigorousJammer
    VigorousJammer commented on the comic, Bloodshot #1
    Bloodshot #1

    I'm surprised at everybody talking about the art looking bad. As somebody who hasn't seen any of Brett Booth's previous work, I thought this looked fantastic!
    It was actually the main thing that made me decide to continue with it, because the writing is certainly very boilerplate sci-fi action stuff.
    Also, yeah the main cover looks really bad. I did get a the B cover by Johnson, though, and...

  • VigorousJammer
    This issue didn't do much for me. The art was nice, but the writing consisted a fair bit of tired old pandering, saying how "women are more than just damsels in distress", as if we didn't know that already....
A fan of cartoony stuff and underground comics with unique artstyles. Also like more serious tales like the stuff often put out by Vertigo. Fan of Skottie Young, Kevin Eastman, Ian Bertram, Sean Murphy, Jeff Lemire, among others.
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