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  • vinivini020
    vinivini020 » vieliv

    Hey vieliv! How are you? Have you got an answer from the site moderators about the changes you wanted to make?

  • vieliv
    vieliv commented on the comic, Gideon Falls Vol. 2: Original Sins TP
    Gideon Falls Vol. 2: Original Sins TP

    As a trade-waiter for this series, I've been trying to avoid spoilers since finishing the first volume so that I can enjoy this to its fullest extent when it comes out this week! So much excitement! 

  • vieliv
    vieliv commented on the comic, DIE #5
    DIE #5

    DIE will be coming back in August with the second arc titled Split the Party and the beta RPG rules will be released around the same time as when the trade drops as confirmed in the afterword of this issue!

  • vieliv
    This is a repost of my deleted comment as a review. I think this is lots of fun. This issue felt self contained, kind of like what you would find in a cartoon episode with the ending feeling like the beginning of the next...
  • vieliv
    With how this concluded, I think they probably planned this arc to be more an introduction/mythos refresher for those who haven't read/picked up Batman or this series and want to give it a go before reading #1000. I...
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