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  • Vestitor
    Vestitor commented on the comic, 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank TP
    4 Kids Walk Into a Bank TP

    I just finished this, wanted to read it for a long time. 

    This was so much fun to read! The conversations between the kids are a joy to read. Great character design for each kid with individual personalities. 

    If you haven't read this yet, give it a try! It's worth it.


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    • masterofcomicsfu

      This is one of my favorite comics ever! The radio part is hilarious, I agree. I'm excited for Rosenberg and Boss' next collaboration this year.

  • Vestitor

    Cover for the new Fantastic Four series coming August 2018!

    Although the Thing looks a bit weird, I'm excited to read this.

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    • deepsea63
      Can't wait for this!
  • Vestitor
    Vestitor reviewed Batman #21
    This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.
  • Vestitor
    Vestitor commented on the comic, Outcast #27
    Outcast #27

    I like where this is going. It's picking up some pace now.

  • Vestitor
    Vestitor commented on the comic, Batman #21
    Batman #21

    I really want the Lenticular Covers for this. But I live in Germany and the "Button" design is trademarked by The Smiley Company in Europe.  But we will get an international Version Variant without the smiley face. At least we will get the rest of the Crossover as Lenticular Covers. But this looks too good.

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    • Vestitor

      yeah, I ordered the the #22 from archonia and #21 each from Forbidden Planet. And my Comic Shop in Germany had sent me the Batman #22 Lenticular Variant. Didn't know they would just send it to me with y normal order. So I have all of them now, with two covers twice. ;)

      But thanks for your comment!

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