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  • Varsas
    Varsas commented on the comic, Invincible Compendium Vol. 3 TP
    Invincible Compendium Vol. 3 TP

    Simply amazing from beginning to end.

  • Varsas

    Hey does anyone have recommendations for standalone Superman graphic novels or collections? I just finished and loved Yang's Superman Smashes the Klan; I also loved Busiek's Secret Identity and I have Waid's Kingdom Come on the wishlist.

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    • backalleycomics

      All-Star Superman.  Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, great stuff.

  • Varsas
    This is such a good all ages read, somewhat like the Batgirl/Robin year one collection that I've read. I enjoyed how the story weaves the evolution of Superman into a plot thread and how it shows the differing attitudes...
  • Varsas
    Varsas commented on the comic, Spider-Woman #1
    Spider-Woman #1

    That was a fun, looking forward to the next installment. Still prefer the last costume redesign; with this one I don't really understand why they needed the Spider-Man webbing on the shoulders and feet.

  • Varsas
    Varsas commented on the comic, Power Pack #1
    Power Pack #1

    I like the team behind this one and have been a fan of the Power family since I was a kid so looking forward to this mini.

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