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  • Varsas
    Varsas commented on the comic, Power Pack #1
    Power Pack #1

    I like the team behind this one and have been a fan of the Power family since I was a kid so looking forward to this mini.

  • Guardians of the Galaxy By Abnett and Lanning Omnibus HC

    Gorgeous. I decided to pick this up as I really enjoyed the run and The Thanos Imperative; I've not read Annihilators so it'll be my first time.

    EDIT: The summary page at the start is a good addition to catch readers up on the events that lead into the series.

    • razordoll

      Be advised, that only the Rocket Raccoon & Groot parts from the two Annihilators series are part of this omnibus, the main storyline isn't.

  • Varsas
    Varsas commented on the comic, Thor #2
    Thor #2

    I really enjoyed the first issue and thought this one was good. I liked the slow intro into the big opening of this run and the high stakes in the first that continues in this issue but I wonder whether it's too much too soon? Cates's run on GotG started big and I don't think it kept it up or reached the same level again, though very enjoyable.

    • gferg1991

      Look at his Venom run. He did the same thing. The first arc was big and bombastic and the next one was smaller and more introspective. I think the same will be done here. 

  • Varsas
    Varsas commented on the comic, Guardians Of The Galaxy #1
    Guardians Of The Galaxy #1

    That was excellent but I should probably read my digital trade of Avengers No Road Home.

    • Ferraz

      Not necessary but still a good story

  • Varsas
    Varsas commented on the comic, Strikeforce #5
    Strikeforce #5

    The last couple of issues have picked up but I think I'm going to trade wait the rest of this story.

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