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  • CONSENSUS: 95%
    Wolverine #1
    Marvel Comics  ·  Sep 1st, 1982  ·  $0.60

    Wolverine is in Canada to kill a feral bear, but after the deed is done, Wolverine learns the bear was shot with a poisoned arrow.Wolverine goes to Japan to see the love of his life, Mariko Yashida. Turns out that Mariko... View »

  • CONSENSUS: 98%
    Wolverine #2
    Marvel Comics  ·  Oct 1st, 1982

    Wolverine awakes, only to be surrounded by the Hand, and with the help of Yukio (the girl who had helped him last issue), defeats them. Unknown to Wolverine, Yukio is working for Lord Shingen as his assassin. Shingen orders... View »

  • CONSENSUS: 98%
    Wolverine #3
    Marvel Comics  ·  Nov 1st, 1982

    The story begins with a drunk Wolverine fighting against a sumo wrestler in a bar, watched by Yukio. Outside the bar, Asano Kimura, a member of Japanese secret service waiting for Wolverine. He asks for help but Wolverine... View »

  • CONSENSUS: 98%
    Wolverine #4
    Marvel Comics  ·  Dec 1st, 1982

    The story begins with Wolverine attacking some drug dealers and then he sends a message to Lord Shingen throw then. Shingen sends The Hand after Wolverine, but he defeat and arrests every ninja. Meanwhile Mariko doesn't... View »

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