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Sex Criminals #15
But Wait, There's More
April 28th, 2016

I was on the fence about giving this issue four stars instead of three.  My decision was based on two factors: 1) This issue was 90%+ set-up in terms of conflict and interaction, and 2) issue #16 isn't even solicited yet.  Which means it'll be an indefinitely long time before any of the questions that were raised in this issue get addressed again.  I find that frustrating as a reader.  Also, I'm sort of confused by the Rachel-Robert relationship dynamic and how it hasn't really played into anything yet but maybe there's a pay-off coming.  Or maybe it's like Lost...

Liked It


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  • EssArrBee

    I agree about the delays hurting this book. #14 was delayed for quite a while and then when it comes back we only get two issues. They need to maybe switch to the Saga style run where they take three months off and then pump out 8 issues in 6 months or w/e it is. 

    Reply  ·  4 years ago