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  • ugavine
    ugavine commented on the comic, Batman: Damned #1
    Batman: Damned #1
    Well, i was going to buy this  when it comes out on Trade.  Not that I want to see the Batwang, I really don't, but I do have issue with censorship, especially on what is meant to be a mature readers comic.  Now I don't trust what is being censored in the future issues.
  • ugavine
    ugavine created a new list, Recent

  • ugavine

    Why Old Man Logan?

    I've been reading X-Men Blue, Gold and Astonishing, and am still confused on the whole past/future versions of characters mixed together.  Especially Logan.  Why is there now just Old Man Logan?  Is there no classic Yellow/Black outfit Logan Wolverine any more? 

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    • Om
      I have always been confused about Old Man Logan.
  • ugavine

    What is the best way to learn of new upcoming comic titles featuring certain characters?

    Let's take Death's Head for example, one of my favourite characters.  Only by chance I found out he was in a recent Black Bolt issue. 

    So how do you find out what upcoming or new titles are going to feature your favourite characters?

    • Steiner

      comicbookdb. com 

  • ugavine

    So many comics, so little money.  Having to cut back to a handful of titles.  But dropping a comic is like saying goodbye to an old friend.  You know they are out there, but you just can't keep in touch.

    • moloch

      I've been mainly focusing on the Independents now, and reading a ton of trades from the library, much less spending involved :-)

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