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  • turoneus
    turoneus commented on the comic, Go Go Power Rangers #15
    Go Go Power Rangers #15
    I love this. MMPR has become something else in its own right, and this has become MMPR... If Go Go doesn't end with the first panel of MMPR I'll be sad...
    • Nurfhurder
      I feel like this is what the recent movie should have been.
  • turoneus
    turoneus commented on the comic, The Freeze #3
    The Freeze #3
    I don't like this as much as I should and I don't know why. It's still a great concept, and I enjoy reading it, but I really want to love it. Would make a great TV show imo, flash forward meets the walking dead meets the 4400
  • turoneus
    turoneus commented on the comic, Outcast #37
    Outcast #37
    Perfect start to a comic I've not read for a while, slow, brings things back and also fills in a lot of blanks
  • turoneus

    Does anyone else find WikDiv a mentally challenging and difficult read? Everytime I read the letters at the end I'm like....wait, what...when did that key plot point happen?! Even if I go back to that issue I still struggle to spot things now knowing what they are. It's a comic that makes me feel dumb and that puts me off reading it.

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    • kevinnbt

      @turoneus Never read this series but you wrote was exactly what I felt when I was reading Morning Glories. 

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