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  • JAN100980  
    G.I. Joe: Origins Vol. 2 TP
    IDW Publishing  ·  Mar 10th, 2010  ·  $19.99

    Scarlett on trial! Mainframe gone insane! Snake Eyes on his own! And Cobra revealed! Seasoned comics vet Chuck Dixon turns the heat up on America's most elite fighting force as the tale of the creation of G.I. JOE is told. View »

  • JUN100335  
    G.I. Joe: Origins Vol. 3 TP
    IDW Publishing  ·  Aug 4th, 2010  ·  $19.99

    In this explosive volume, readers are treated to four powerful stories - one each about COBRA's baddest girl, the amnesiac Beach Head, the cold-blooded Snow Job and, of course, the first appearance of fan-favorite Ripcord!... View »

  • NOV100355  
    G.I. Joe: Origins Vol. 4 TP
    IDW Publishing  ·  Jan 5th, 2011  ·  $17.99

    The origin of master-of-disguise and mysterious enigma Zartan is revealed in his three-part tale, and Snake Eyes gets a tribute silent story! Writer Chuck Dixon and artists Alex Cal and Joe Benitez deliver more action and... View »

  • JUL110344  
    G.I. Joe: Origins Vol. 5 TP
    IDW Publishing  ·  Sep 7th, 2011  ·  $17.99

    In this final volume of G.I. JOE: Origins, the true depths of COBRA's sinister machinations are revealed. Psychologist Dr. Lester Horvath is a rising star in COBRA; he has developed a number scheme to categorize recruits,... View »

  • APR140412  
    G.I. Joe: Origins Omnibus Vol. 1 TP
    IDW Publishing  ·  Jun 4th, 2014  ·  $24.99

    A new era calls for a new type of fighting force. It's a time of wars fought in city streets and back alleys, not on open battlefields. Read from the beginning, as the team known as G.I. JOE, is formed to deal with this... View »

  • JUL140311  
    G.I. Joe: Origins Omnibus Vol. 2 TP
    IDW Publishing  ·  Sep 16th, 2014  ·  $24.99

    Volume 2 collects issues #13-23 of the G.I. JOE: ORIGINS series with stories focusing on Ripcord, Snowjob, Zartan, Snake Eyes, and the final four-issue storyline featuring Michael Monk. View »

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