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  • TreyDaTruth
    TreyDaTruth commented on the comic, Farmhand #5
    Farmhand #5
    Definitely agree one of my top 5’s this year the first book made me itch lol. Plus the creativity in this serious keeps you wanting more but March is around corner can’t wait.
  • TreyDaTruth
    TreyDaTruth commented on the comic, Dead Rabbit #1
    Dead Rabbit #1
    Amazing read !! Enjoyed it good balance of action and storytelling plus the artwork is nice the bathroom seen hilarious . Can’t wait for the next one image is doing amazing work this year so many comics to read.
  • TreyDaTruth
    TreyDaTruth commented on the comic, The Ballad of Sang #4
    The Ballad of Sang #4

    I'm really enjoying the whole serious so far the creativity and artwork are awesome, Its a book you can't put down without wanting to know whats next and laughing none stop is going to happen be aware.

  • TreyDaTruth

    Really enjoying No Justice so far Amanda Waller is a crazy!!!

    • Quentind126
      Nuts right she done messed up
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