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  • Treebear
    Treebear commented on the comic, Batman / Elmer Fudd Special #1
    Batman / Elmer Fudd Special #1

    Picked this up today on a whim and it definitely did not disappoint!

    • Emobignerd
      You got to get the lobo road runner special they made an origin for the looney tunes. It was crazy as hell! They were all written better than I thought they would.
  • Treebear
    I was a little sceptical that a concept like this could easily fall flat on its face, but I was pleasently surprised to find that they were able to create a world so ridiculous it leaves you wanting more.  It blends...
  • Treebear
    I was quite impressed with this debut all around.  The art is fantastic, the story is fairly well fleshed, the characters are given some dimension.
    • CaptainNervous

      Yes. This one really surprised me. The synopsis didn't really convey the real depth of story and character that they were able to achieve. It's impressive. 

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