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  • Trajan
    Trajan commented on the comic, Justice League #40
    Justice League #40
    A little weak for Venditti. The conversation between Superman and Green Lantern was a little meh. You could probably skip this issue and go straight to issue 41.
    • SingClear

      At that moment, frankly speaking, Green lantern didn't respect Batman. just my opinion.

  • Trajan
    Trajan commented on the comic, The Infected: The Commissioner #1
    The Infected: The Commissioner #1
    There wasn't really a story. It was interesting but I'm not really into this Year of the Villain / Infected storyline. I only bought it because it involved Jim Gordon. An interesting buy for Gordon fans but overall I wasn't too impressed.
  • Trajan
    Trajan commented on the comic, Batman #88
    Batman #88
    Never been so happy to see Harley.
  • Trajan
    Trajan commented on the comic, Star Wars: Darth Vader #1
    Star Wars: Darth Vader #1
    What a great book. Greg Pak was always a solid writer but he really knocked it out of the park with this. The last page reveal is an obvious false flag for the next issue, but the story is really engaging and interesting. I just wish the fight against the bandits was a little more visceral.
  • Trajan
    Trajan commented on the comic, Detective Comics #1017
    Detective Comics #1017
    I thought it was lame but Tom should really write a series focusing on Bruce Wayne being Bruce Wayne. He writes Bruce well.
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