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  • ToxicDon
    ToxicDon commented on the comic, Wonder Woman #755
    Wonder Woman #755
    Not enjoying it much at all. Completely agree.
  • ToxicDon
    This was so much better than I imagined it would be. Once you get past the atrociously cartoony cover, the inside art is crisp and more realistic. Carol Danvers has always been a favorite of mine through her many iterations....
    • Muskrat42
      I agree with you. I love Carol, and Jessica Drew just brings out the best in both their characters. But damn, that cover almost made me skip this. Who approved that?
  • ToxicDon
    This was terrible. We are made to pay extra, and we only get a barest scrap of a story. What truly happens in this issue? Nothing. Characters who no longer exist pop up out of nowhere, characters I love (Amethyst) don't...
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    • gferg1991

      What a strange review. You could say it is a only a barest scrap of a review. 

      This issue was fantastic and better than anything Bendis is doing on Superman or Action at the moment. It was fun with great character interactions and dialog. I think you are forgetting this is only the first issue and all the mysteries surrounding how and why are yet to be answered and they WILL be answered. Sounds like you weren't even will to give it a chance.  

  • ToxicDon
    I think this comic has a lot of potential. Aside from that fact it used the tired Secret Empire Captain America schtick, I enjoyed the darker tone of the story and this sister duo seems to have a decent grip on a character...
  • ToxicDon

    Picked up the first issue of Sword Daughter from Dark Horse just to see if they have anything other than Hellboy that is worthwhile. Other than the fact they are charging more for the unnecessary cardstock cover, I really liked the story and plan to pick up the rest of the issues this weekend. It's not ground breaking, but just different enough to catch my imagination. Sword Daughter #1

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    • Kroenen23034
      Try out some Berger Books from Dark Horse. She Could Fly was my favorite book of 2018. And it starts back April with a new arc.
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