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  • In a world where anthropomorphic animals of different species live side by side, inter-specices relationships have been outlawed. Those who struggle to find a suitable partner must join a government mandated breeding program....
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    • undeadquinn

      Even the progressive with ideals the book shows ive enjoyed a lot as a good read.

  • tobiasampersand
    I have a half memory of the first time I watched the film Akira. It would've been on VHS, sometime around the mid ‘90s. I won't lie, I remember being blown away by the visuals, but once it was over I don't...
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    • CaptainNervous

      Great review. You've convinced me to read it. I did watch back in the 1980s but my memory isn't so clear on it because I was indulging in some recreational smoking : D.  I do remember the famous scene with the giant teddy bear. That was awesome!

  • tobiasampersand
    WIZZYWIG has been sitting on my shelf for a few years now. I bought it based on my interest in the subject, as well as a positive review on a comic podcast. Since then, Ed Piskor's profile has risen considerably with...
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    • tobiasampersand

      Thank you! The Tetris book is very high up on my wishlist. I came across it in a book store not too long ago and really regret not picking it up. I played a *lot* of Tetris as a kid, and the history of the game really intrigues me. Thanks for commenting!

  • tobiasampersand
    Detective Comics rolls slowly towards the inevitable reboot and renumbering with a pretty ok story about Lt Gordon visiting an old mystery from his past. At face value, this two part arc is interesting enough. Gordon and...
  • tobiasampersand
    I'm way behind with my Detective reading, so trying to play catch-up now. It was really refreshing reading a small (albeit global), relatively simple detective story after what's going on over in Batman.  Beautifully...
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