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  • Tjisawful

    Favorite DC Rebirth Moments?

    I want to make a collage of DC Rebirth since it's what brought me back into comics. So far I have the following panels

    DC Universe Rebirth

    Wally West and Barry Allen Reunited

    Aquaman Proposing

    Green Arrow and Black Canary

    Batman Rebirth #1

    Batman on the plane

    Nightwing Rebirth

    Dick Grayson back in costume

    Hal Jordan & GLC Rebirth

    Hal in costume

    Hal Jordan Quest for Hope Cover

    TItans #7

    Something with Superman

    Super Sons #1

    TDKR Homage

    JL v SS #1

    Team shot

    RHATO #7

    Bizarro and Jason

    Detective Comics #939

    Tim Drake facing off against the Colony

    Plan to wait until some type of sale unless I choose to print some of these.

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    • Merk

      I loved RHATO #7

  • Tjisawful
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