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X-Men / Fantastic Four #1
February 5th, 2020
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

Zdarsky just makes it look easy. 

His 2-for-One run was proof he could write a pitch-perfect FF, and his streak with Marvel's First Family continues here.* His X-Men are solid as well, though the larger cast has a corresponding range of quality. Magento's never been a diplomat, but this is a bit much. Storm's chilly stoicism seems similarly on-the-nose to me (and largely designed to set up a killer diss from the Ever Lovin' Thing). I did enjoy seeing this new and "improved" Professor X amongst his super-hero colleagues, though. My main gripe with things getting ugly so fast wasn't that it's predictable, but rather that I'd read a whole talking heads issue between Xavier and Reed.

That said, these are pretty minor concerns. And they're totally overshadowed by the way Zdarsky deftly balances X-Men and Fantastic Four continuity - from recent runs to late 80's minis. Remixing age-old woes like Ben's "unfixable" powers and new wrinkles like Kate's Krakoan incompatibility, sets the perfect tone and context for Franklin's inner turmoil. And pairing him with the Marauders - mutantdom's current team of high-profile misfits - is an inspired choice.  

Plus, you KNOW an FF book is good when you're so wrapped up in family drama that you don't see DOOM coming. Can't wait to see what comes next.


*I've actually been enjoying this most recent Slott arc, but seriously! Get Chip on that book!


Really Liked It


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  • tiggrr72
    I totally agree! When a writer can make me enjoy a character I have not really ever cared about (DD), you know he is awesome!

    This is going to be the ultimate Teen Angst mini!!!
    Reply  ·  4 months ago