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Marauders #1
Marauders #1 Review
October 24th, 2019

As others have already pointed out, it's great to see how a warm, funny, character-driven series can fit in to Dawn of X's fastidiously constructed - and ethically ambiguous - status quo. It's especially fun to see Hickman's omnipresent portals get turned on their heads and Tom Mueller's cold and calculated data pages repurposed for comedy (more X-Men contraband lists please!)

Duggan is a bit hit-or-miss for me historically, but he clearly has a great handle on Kate. The focus on her definitely comes at the cost of introducing the rest of the team, but a first issue can't do everything and I think this was narrative time well spent. Plus, I have long maintained that intangibility is an underrated power, and Kate's incredible climactic fight scene was super satisfying to watch. Also felt like the scene where Lolli and Duggan were most aligned, which is promising in a book about piracy. Looking forward to all the swashbuckling ahead!

Really Liked It


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  • Rath_of_Un

    Just bought that issue today, fun story. I like the direction it is taking Kitty Pryde  or "Kate".  There is something going on with the White Queen, and I am excited to see where it is going to go. Of the two Dawn of X titles I have read so far I like this one best.

    Reply  ·  8 months ago