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  • TheDoctor1963

    Am I the only one that will buy all of the Dawn of X books, at least for the first few months? :))

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    • ECAST1110
      That's what I want to do? But at the same time, I dont know I can keep up. Maybe X-Men, Excalibur, X-Force, and New Mutants in that case.
  • TheDoctor1963

    Even though I don't buy as many comics as Taren I'll also have to switch to trades for some. I expected DC to slowly make their series monthly, but it doesn't seem to be that way. So I'll end SS at #26, Nightwing at #29(or maybe a few issues after, I don't know what issues the trade will contain) and Scooby Apocalypse at #18(this is such a slow series and I just don't have the patience anymore). I'll also start thinking about giving up on some others. 

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    • Taren

      Ha. Love I am referenced. Yeah, slowly cutting down. I know that Deathstroke went to monthly.  Red Hood and the Outlaws is Monthly as well.  Red Hood is awesome! I stopped collecting Scooby Apocalypse at 12.  It was like you sad moving too slow. 

  • TheDoctor1963
    TheDoctor1963 commented on the comic, Kill or Be Killed #2
    Kill or Be Killed #2

    I finally got the 1st print and I have up until #4 (I waited for this to buy other issues and I'll get other issues next month). I am excited to finally read the first arc. :D

  • TheDoctor1963
    TheDoctor1963 commented on the comic, Batman #21
    Batman #21

    I read the crossover online, but my copies of Flash and Batman #21 just arrived and the lenticular covers look so awesome. :D

    • Highyellow1

      They are great looking covers.

  • TheDoctor1963
    TheDoctor1963 commented on the comic, Wonder Woman #9
    Wonder Woman #9

    This series is great like the movie! I have to get my hands on the next issues(I ordered #10-#13)... :D 

    • Taren

      Great stuff. 

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