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  • Robin 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1

    Overall 8/10 issue.

    A Little Nudge By Wolfman 8/10

    Aftershocks by Dixon 7.5/10

    Team Building by Grayson 8.5/10

    The Lesson Plan by Seeley/King 9/10

    More Time By Winick 10/10

    Extra Credit By Beechen 7.5/10

    Boy Wonders By Tynion 8.5/10

    Fitting In By Wolfram 8/10

    My Best Friend By Tomasi 8/10


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    • paper_staples
      Is this a book of prose?
  • TheChangeling
    TheChangeling commented on the comic, Nightwing #69
    Nightwing #69

    thanks to Dan Jurgens, Nightwing turn into atleast readable series. Since Annual 2 his Court of Owls connection really worked for me. 

  • TheChangeling
    I really want to read Sactuary not Heroes In Crisis. 9-panels are amazing. Danger Room is great idea but all of Harley and Crisis arc just cheap. Story wasn't going anywhere. Clay Mann and Lee Weeks doing an amazing...
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    • Wheezy1892
      I don't want to comment on batman for obvious reasons, but I don't think this is Kings worst book. This is just something that no one really wanted and forced character deaths to make sure it sold, the original premise could have been good but they sidestepped that for low value shock writing, Kings trademark at the moment
  • TheChangeling
    If Jack Kirby is still alive I'm sure he'd be so proud of King and Gerads.
  • TheChangeling
    X-Men Gold isn't the best written series. Honestly writing language completely average but this series full of meaningful moments. Thank You for remind us why X-Men are so beautiful and valuable. X-Men Gold is one of the...
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