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Huck #1
A fresh an innovative take on what it means to be a superhero.
Huck #1 Review
December 6th, 2015

I really enjoyed this first issue. I think they did a lovely job and am really looking forward to the story developing and seeing exactly to what extend Hucks abilities can go. I enjoyed how the writers made sure to not make Huck seem really slow, but do a good job showing that he isn't quite up to speed with everyone else. He may not be the smartest man, but he has a heart of gold, and a lot of character. I think his innocence is going to end up getting him in a bit of trouble with how the ending of this book seems to be leading.


If you want a feel good issue, pick up Huck.

Loved It


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  • Daniel
    My impressions were similar. It was better than I expected.
    Reply  ·  4 years ago
  • LurryDaStallion

    It was a very charming book. Kinda want to see where it goes from here

    Reply  ·  4 years ago
  • gregroyj42

    To me this felt like Superman but with a soul that usually lacks in Superman stories, plus the fact that Huck is imperfect unlike Superman ads to the heart of this story.  

    Reply  ·  4 years ago