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  • TheCastledKing

    Hey everyone! I am a moderator for r/comicswap, a subreddit that lets people sell or trade their comic books! I am selling some first Prints of Marvel Zombies, along with some Zombie Variants as well.

    Let me know if interested, prices are listed on the post linked here: Marvel Zombies Lots

  • TheCastledKing

    What newer titles out there are good enough for me to take the plunge? My wife and I recently re did our budget and I have some titles ending this year, so I have some room to add in more. I'm looking for titles that recently started so that I don't need to hunt down 10 back issues to catch up.

    I'm not so much into capes as I am into supernatural/science fiction stories that have a complete story to tell. I find that I appreciate Image titles more for this reason, as well as it's annoying to get spammed with ads in the Marvel and DC books. I get tired of the never ending cycles most cape books have, except for Wolverine, Hulk and Superior Spidey... I have a soft spot for those characters.

    Currently Pulling:

    Ascender (Starts in April)

    Batman/ The Maxx: Arkham Dreams (Mini Series Ends in a few months)

    Black Science (My favorite title currently ends in April) 

    Dead Man Logan (Ends This Year)

    Gideon Falls 

    The Immortal Hulk

    Return of Wolverine (Mini Series Ends Next Month)

    The Superior Spider-Man (Just added to my pull)

    Black Magick (On Hiatus)

    Injection (On Hiatus)

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    • Marsac

      Ice Cream Man is starting a new arc this week, it's issue nine but all the previous issues have been fairly stand-alone. It was quite possibly the best thing I read last year

  • TheCastledKing
    TheCastledKing commented on the comic, The Superior Spider-Man #1
    The Superior Spider-Man #1
    Is this a mini series or an ongoing?
  • TheCastledKing
    TheCastledKing commented on the comic, Batman / The Maxx: Arkham Dreams #1
    Batman / The Maxx: Arkham Dreams #1

    I was obsessed with The Maxx as a young teen in the 90s. I have all of the issues and TPB. I am so glad to see The Maxx return in this cross over. Highly recommend!

I am married, have two cats and like to play chess and read comic books! My first son is due on May 4th 2018!
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