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  • The_Lost_Jedi
    The_Lost_Jedi created a new list, Community Picks of the Week - 2019

    Meant to post this at the beginning of the year, but better late than never, right?

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    • gregroyj42

      Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man was amazing.  Venom, Gideon Falls,  Doomsday Clock all deserving.  I have skipped all the X-Men stuff.

  • The_Lost_Jedi
    The_Lost_Jedi commented on the comic, Batman Annual #4
    Batman Annual #4

    These annuals are highlights of King's run for me.

  • The_Lost_Jedi
    The_Lost_Jedi commented on the comic, The Amazing Spider-Man #22
    The Amazing Spider-Man #22

    Why are people in this comments section so confused/unsatisfied with this ending?

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    • gregroyj42

      Nice list i would have 6 or 7 of yours on my list.

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