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  • TerryZero
    TerryZero commented on the comic, Kick-Ass #1
    Kick-Ass #1
  • TerryZero
    TerryZero commented on the comic, Afterlife With Archie #8
    Afterlife With Archie #8

    I can't seem to find this for sale anywhere. Was it a retailer exclusive?

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    • CaptHowdy
      The Pepoy cover was not released.  It apparently will be in a future issue.
  • TerryZero

    Howard the Duck has the distinction of being the first or second time Marvel put a character on the big screen. (It depends if you count old captain America serials as the first time)

    It also holds the distinction of being the "worst" marvel movie ever made, which is subjective, because the camp is why I love it so, and Howard has always held a special place in my heart since then.

    Now, I am the proud owner of the original, complete 1976-1986 (#1-33 + an annual + 3 issue mini series movie tie-in) run of issues of one of my favorite marvel characters. 

    Thank you eBay.

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    • jam81


  • TerryZero

    Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare signed Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1-5 

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    • moloch

      Nice, it looks like you were busy :-)

  • TerryZero

    Got the chance to meet Fred Van Lent, Reilly Brown, Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare to sign some books yesterday

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    • moloch

      Cool.  So, how friendly were they ?

I used to read and collect when I was in elementary and junior high school. Then boxes were destroyed and thrown out. Now I's a grown mo-fo with my own monies and every Wednesday I become a little kid again. #ComicBookJones
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