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  • Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman: The Complete Collection Vol. 1 TP

    I started this last night and got 3/4 the way through. I'm in love with it. Here's why.

    I've read all of his Avengers / New Avengers / Secret Wars run and I've read all the new X-Men, and East Of West but THIS story takes all the best parts of Hickman's imagination but makes it easily digestible. I'm always game for a deep / meta story but I feel like the new X-Men stuff got a little too...

  • TecnoPope
    TecnoPope commented on the comic, X-Men #6
    X-Men #6

    I'm confused with one part... if someone could explain that would be awesome.

    1. She plants the seed, and her and Cyclops etc. destroy the Orchis and get ressurected (from hox) 2. She reveals she could have killed the Scientist but didn't. 3. They want her to go back and kill the Scientist before they'll ressurect her wife. Didn't the X-Men destroy the Orchis ? If so...

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    • TecnoPope

      @MannequinRaces My mission is complete ! muwahaha

  • TecnoPope
    TecnoPope commented on the comic, X-Force #7
    X-Force #7

    Well its official. We have our first stinker issue. First few pages were quite good so I was hoping for better. The reveal was cool but the art was lacking, some panels were downright laughable. I'm wondering if by issue 10 we could see if this would just be skippable.

  • TecnoPope

    Where else you guys talking Comics at besides here ? I'm on 4Chans /co/ board. I got banned from reddit r/comicbooks last year for saying Captain Marvels physique was unnatural and un feminine. No appeal just the hammer. Reddit is so censored now. Current year reddit is garbo.

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    • MannequinRaces

      I thought 4chan was where serial killers hang out... no... yes? 

  • TecnoPope
    TecnoPope commented on the comic, Road to Empyre: The Kree/Skrull War #1
    Road to Empyre: The Kree/Skrull War #1

    Anyone ?

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