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  • TecnoPope
    TecnoPope commented on the comic, X-Men #10
    X-Men #10

    lol. Kind of strange to see Hickman lose his voice. MARGARITAS ANYONE ? And did they just try and SHAME alien invaders ? Is Empyre over yet ? womp womp womomomomp

    • ObsessedNerd

      Yes this issue definitely wont be held up as a classic chapter in the series.

  • TecnoPope
    TecnoPope commented on the comic, Hellions #2
    Hellions #2
    This book is great. I'm hooked. The flow is spot on, the artwork is nice (happy they're actually portraying the female figure correctly see : X-Factor's Jean Grey), and the story is pretty interesting. I'm curious why Sinister didn't just go dismantle his own cloning facility ? I've got a feeling something is up with that. Also that...
  • TecnoPope
    TecnoPope commented on the comic, X-Factor #1
    X-Factor #1

    Completely let down. Leah Williams' run on Amazing Mary Jane has been great, but this was ... BAD. Was it just me or was every character in this book an asshole ? They all just get together out of boredom ? Lorna isn't Lorna because "She doesn't know who she is yet" I get the feeling Leah Williams doesn't know much about X-Factor... Also lol @ Rachel Summers' outfits. Man these kind of books are...

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    • TecnoPope

      I wanted it to be good so badly. It was just one of those books that turned into a chore and I was asking myself "is this over yet" ? Who knows it seems some people here liked it?

  • TecnoPope
    TecnoPope commented on the comic, Giant-Size X-Men: Magneto #1
    Giant-Size X-Men: Magneto #1

    Damn this issue was a total BUST. I haven't felt like I wanted my money back in a LONG LONG TIME but this is horrible. I'm almost on the fence in believing Hickman didn't write this... Here's why its bad imo

    1. What the hell is Magnetos motivation to acquire an island for the white queen ? 

    2. "GIANT SIZE" now means 31 pages and 2 of them are text ? Come on man.

    3. It took...

    • PKcomic411
      Wouldn't mind my 5 bucks and time ill spent back too
  • TecnoPope
    TecnoPope commented on the comic, Hedra #1
    Hedra #1

    I'm interested.

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