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  • TecnoPope
    TecnoPope commented on the comic, X-Men / Fantastic Four #3
    X-Men / Fantastic Four #3

    Hell yeah. Doom gonna put the X boys in their place ! Who was it in that doombot getup that got sliced up by Wolverine ?

  • TecnoPope
    TecnoPope commented on the comic, Howard the Duck #3
    Howard the Duck #3

    Zdarsky has become my favorite writer. I have never read this. Is it any good ?

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    • Steiner

      Oh, I misread, haven't read this but his Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man run and Marvel 2-in-one are great.

  • TecnoPope
    TecnoPope commented on the comic, Loverboys HC
    Loverboys HC

    Just bought this. Looking forward to reading it.

  • TecnoPope
    TecnoPope commented on the comic, Year Zero #1
    Year Zero #1

    hmm can't find it on ebay for sale.

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    • TecnoPope

      Yeah eBay always has pre sales from shops. April 1st books went out to shops who were taking orders still. I found one but its in Canada. 

      Thanks for the heads up about the Upshot series. Is it a periodical like Heavy Metal etc ?

  • TecnoPope

    Heard rumors that Comic companies might provide digital codes to shops that can be redeemable for physical when things get back to "normal". I think that's a good idea or at least an idea in the right direction for us physical  collectors AND shops.

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    • IstvanTheHun

      still just a rumour, but its an interesting solution. At least for readers who like digital. 

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