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  • tecclaws
    tecclaws commented on the comic, Valkyrie: Jane Foster #2
    Valkyrie: Jane Foster #2

    This book has captured my heart!!  I actually had it in a Wal-mart pack I bought and it totally blew me away! Now I have to play catch up but thats ok by me

  • tecclaws
    James Tynion tells a comprehensive origin for Clayface.  The cohesiveness of the story and art is amazing. Speaking of art!  The use of movie reels that curve and flow throughout the book as panels is a great touch...
  • tecclaws

    Hi!  I am loving this site!!  I am a huge Wolverine, Hulk, Daredevil and Punisher fan!  Becoming a Deadpool fan quickly!!

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    • oconnors11

      Welcome @tecclaws, lots of good people here. 

Love comics!!! I love comic stores!!! Favorite titles: 1. Wolvie 2. DareDevil 3. Hulk 4. Punisher 5. DeadPool
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