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  • Taren
    Taren commented on the comic, Strange Adventures #4
    Strange Adventures #4

    Great series so far. Looking forward to more Mr. Terrific! 

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    • gregroyj42

      Lcs and Ucs I believe. my shop is using UCS and has been pretty happy after the transistion period. 

  • Taren
    Taren commented on the comic, Wonder Woman #759
    Wonder Woman #759

    Great issue. Tamaki has a great voice for Diana. I love the trip to Ika. "This is not a good store." ha ha. 

  • Taren

    Man... The list are out in full force. 

  • Taren

    Nice to see that pro Comicsgate link gone. No need for that here. 

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    • Wheezy1892
      @Pubestache there are several allegations of grooming etc with some (a lot) of women. Nothing illegal I don't think but a lot of creators have distanced themselves from him. @ObsessedNerd I kind of take the same attitude/opinion my problem is I don't research creators of the books I am buying, I buy comics based on the ip. I am not checking social media to see if people are denouncing comics gate, as per above I don't think Ellis is part of comics gate but he's just a morally bankrupt person. Maybe I am overthinking it too much, and perhaps I have to live with the fact that industry attracts a certain 'type' of person, most of which seem to be lacking moral fibre.
  • Taren

    I am not a big fan of the "story by" and then a "written by" model. It feels like a way to attach a name to a book who is most likely not doing much more than offering the main writer a "guide".  It seems more about marketing than an artists collaboration. Your thoughts? 

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    • Rift
      I’d agree. But damn if I don’t fall for that shit every time...
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