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  • system7878
    system7878 commented on the comic, Doomsday Clock #12
    Doomsday Clock #12

    Read issue 1-11 yesterday, just finished 12... absolutely incredible! Loved all the teasers of future events. Question, who is Cleopatra Pak?

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    • bullseye

      Great start...lame ending. Without revealing anything, I was really let down.

  • system7878

    A few months ago I started reading Image Comics and asked for recommendations. 
    Thanks to @Taren, @Rjepic1, @gregroyj42 @MannequinRaces and @alienz for their input.

    I've worked my way through around 70 different titles - I stopped after the first story arc/TPB if I didn't love it and caught up or completed those that I did.
    My rankings is pretty controversial, I know some series that seem to be universally like scored pretty low.

    I've moved on to the Mignolaverse now and discovered the wonders of Hellboy and B.P.R.D...

    Here is my ordered list based on average scores:

    1. Wytches
    2. East of West
    3. Lazarus: Risen
    4. Lazarus
    5. The Dying and the Dead
    6. Ascender
    7. Southern Bastards
    8. The Black Monday Murders
    9. Gideon Falls
    10. Redneck
    11. Deadly Class
    12. Descender
    13. Fatale
    14. Monstress
    15. Injection
    16. Bitter Root
    17. Kill Or Be Killed
    18. Velvet
    19. The Fade Out
    20. Die
    21. Oblivion Song
    22. Black Science
    23. Sacred Creatures
    24. The Magic Order
    25. Black Magick
    26. Nailbiter
    27. The Old Guard
    28. Pax Romana
    29. Low
    30. Middlewest
    31. We Stand On Guard
    32. Isola
    33. Undiscovered Country
    34. Huck
    35. Lazarus: X+66
    36. Green Valley
    37. Family Tree
    38. Outcast
    39. Trees
    40. Skyward
    41. Zero
    42. Reborn
    43. Tokyo Ghost
    44. Severed
    45. Saga
    46. Evolution
    47. Manifest Destiny
    48. Moonshine
    49. Birthright
    50. Chew
    51. Cold Spots
    52. Copperhead
    53. God Country
    54. I Hate Fairyland
    55. Ice Cream Man
    56. Infidel
    57. Little Bird
    58. Paper Girls
    59. Rat Queens
    60. Regression
    61. Royal City
    62. Rumble (2014)
    63. Space Bandits
    64. The Goddamned
    65. The Walking Dead
    66. The Wicked + The Divine
    67. Seven To Eternity
    68. Unnatural
    69. Bad Weekend (Criminal)
    70. My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies
    71. Snotgirl
    72. The Bulletproof Coffin

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    • zennlavian
      That represents a ton of money spent! You’re saving the comic industry single handed!
  • system7878

    I want to read some Image comics, thought I'd check out the Top 25 Best-Selling Titles.

    Also, I already read (and absolutely loved) Wytches, so I'm considering reading some of Snyder's other horror titles (Severed, The Wake, American Vampire). I've also heard some great things about Hickman's Black Monday Murders. 

    Any recommendations? Thoughts on the list and the other titles?

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    • Ferraz

      Buy Previews and READ IT!!!  Buy what interests you. Nuff said!

  • system7878

    I've been searching without success for a DC Fast Track from Metal to present, but I haven't found anything. Using reddit and a couple of short lists from ComicBookHerald, I'm planning on reading:

    1. Mister Miracle

    2. Batman: White Knight

    3. Flash War

    4. Damage

    5. The Silencer

    6. The Terrifics

    7. No Justice

    8. Snyder's Justice League

    9. Hawkman

    10. Female Furies

    11. DCeased

    12. Event Leviathan

    13. Wonder Twins

    14. Morrison's Green Lantern

    15. Batman: Last Knight on Earth

    16. The Batman Who Laughs

    I'm also planning on finish the series I'm already reading, such as Detective Comics, King's Batman, Action Comics, Superman, Green Arrow and RHATO.

    Am I missing anything?

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    • system7878

      This didn't quite go as planned. First off, Mister Miracle and Batman: White Knight was excellent, and I will definitely be reading Batman: Curse of the White Knight. I also enjoyed Flash War, even though the lead-up to it was not great.

      I dropped Damage, The Terrifics and The Immortal Men, none of which was particularly good, but read all of The Silencer, which I though was great. 

      I enjoyed No Justice and the "Totality" arc of Justice League was great, but the Drowned Earth and Hawkworld arcs were disappointing. Luckily after Annual #1 thing got much better and the Sixth Dimension arc was excellent, which leads into Year of the Villain. I also read JL Odyssey and those first two issues with Sejic was amazing - thanks @PKcomic411

      I also read most of @Taren's recommendations, thanks! I really enjoyed Heroes in Crisis and I seriously do not get all the hate. I guess most people do not like Wally's role in the event, but I thought Tom King did a wonderful job. DCeased and DCeased: A Good Day To Die was tons of fun and I'm seriously considering reading Injustice now because of Tom Taylor. Naomi was good, the art was very impressive but I thought the story was rushed and could've been much better.

      I read Justice League Dark and the Witching Hour, but dropped it after. It was OK, but I was never really hooked. I dropped Hawkman after the first arc and Morrison's Green Lantern after the first issue. I completely skipped Wonder Twins after catching the Sneak Preview in another comic and dropped Female Furies after #1, really disliked it.

      I really enjoyed Bendis' Action Comics as well as Event Leviathan.

      But the best came last, Batman Who Laughs and Batman: Last Knight on Earth were both AWESOME!! Snyder and Jock is an amazing team and Batman: Last Knight on Earth really felt like a throwback to New 52 Batman. 


  • system7878

    Time for Rebirth!! Once again using the ComicBookHerald Fast Track - Question of the Week: Do You Have a DC Rebirth Fast Track Guide? - to get from New 52 to Doomsday Clock...

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    • system7878

      Finally done with this reading list, which covers DC Rebirth Year One and Year Two up to Metal.
      Just like New 52, Rebirth seems to be dominated by Batman stories and they did not disappoint.  
      Tom King's Batman, Tynion's Detective Comics and Snyder's All-Star Batman were all excellent. I deviated quite a bit from the list and ended up also reading Nightwing (which had moments of greatness, but I did not find it very consistent) and Red Hood and the Outlaws, which surprisingly, was also excellent.

      I also really enjoyed the Rebirth Superman stories, Action Comics and Superman was also excellent, even Super Sons was thoroughly enjoyable. I have LOVED Superman since reading Lois & Clarke back in New 52 and was disappointed with the Reborn arc - why can't we have 2 Supermen?

      Green Arrow was another wonderful comics, especially the art by Ferreyra and Schmidt. 

      I read the first arcs of Wonder Woman and Aquaman, but could not get into either and dropped both. I did come back to Aquaman #25 after seeing the art by Sejic and really enjoyed the Underworld arc.

      I also dropped Deathstroke and New Super-man whose first issues did not impress.

      I detoured quite a bit, reading The Wild Storm and Michael Cray (both excellent), Batman/The Shadow (very cool), Trinity (only the Manapul issues 1-6 and 9-11 were worth it), Kamadi Challenge (was ok but not great), Midnighter and Apollo (awesome), Death of Hawkman (meh) and I even accidentally stumbled upon Snyder's Wytches (which was absolutely mind-blowing awesomeness).

      Dark Nights: Metal was great, but I must admit it was not as good as I had hoped or expected. 

      To top it all off, I re-read Watchmen (amazing!) and then directly after all of Doomsday Clock, which I absolutely loved - definitely my favorite of the entire reading list. 

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