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  • SwiftMann
    SwiftMann commented on the comic, 2020 Machine Man #1
    2020 Machine Man #1

    Enjoyed the writing of the main story, but the art was current Marvel standard. Back-up story was completely pointless.

    • En1gma

      The backup story is basically 'hey remember this thing from the original Machine Man 2020?'

  • SwiftMann
    SwiftMann commented on the comic, Marauders #8
    Marauders #8

    I honestly have no memory of what happened between Shaw and Kate to lead to this issue. When did that happen? #6? The ramifications were very well done in this issue. But at the same time felt awfully disingenuous what with the "No more death" plot (which is why it's a VERY stupid aspect of Krakoa).

    A very good single issue if you look at it in a bubble though.

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    • SwiftMann

      I remember the set-up. I just don't remember the act. Weird. I'll flip through #6 when I file this one away.

  • SwiftMann
    SwiftMann commented on the comic, New Mutants #7
    New Mutants #7

    This is some of the most self-indulgent writing I've read in years. Why is Sunspot acting like Deadpool with the 4th wall breaking? There is hardly a story in this issue and what little there is doesn't make sense half the time - why does Wolfsbane keep licking orbs? And I'm guessing Hickman finds himself hysterical. Does anyone else?

    The art, which had been the strength on Hickman issues,...

  • SwiftMann
    SwiftMann commented on the comic, Marvels X #2
    Marvels X #2

    Easily my favorite book of the week. Some fun character introductions. A heavy story. Great art in the style of JPL's original Earth X run and generally better than Marvel's current super-low artwork standard.

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    • CarnuSaga

      I read the original series shortly before getting into buying comics myself. The library had the original trade paperback and I still remember poring over those pages. It was the most profound (and longest!) comic book story I had read to that point.

      I've always been hesitant to revisit so as not to sully those teenage memories, in the event that the story's not as good as I remember. But the discourse around this new series has me reevaluating that idea...

  • SwiftMann
    SwiftMann commented on the comic, Seven Days #4
    Seven Days #4

    This just didn't do anything for me.

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