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  • SwiftMann
    SwiftMann commented on the comic, Trees Vol. 3 TP
    Trees Vol. 3 TP

    It's a good story that is only tangentially related to the world of Trees. There's almost nothing here even related to the bigger story and what is is superficial at best. Still, one of Ellis' more engaging books in the last few years.

  • SwiftMann
    SwiftMann commented on the comic, The Visitor #4
    The Visitor #4

    Story has barely moved in four issues. Dialogue is tedious and one-note. Art degrades with every issue.

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    • SwiftMann

      I gave up on the pre order editions a while back. I liked what they were at first, but then they became so standardized and repetitive I realized I wasn't reading the extra content. Doesn't help that it's stuck in the middle and not back matter (although I understand it from a production perspective).

  • History of the Marvel Universe Treasury Edition TP

    This was a fantastically done history of the Marvel U with the perfect artist putting his all into it. I also love these treasury size editions that are artwork showcases.

  • SwiftMann
    SwiftMann commented on the comic, Family Tree #5
    Family Tree #5

    Whoa. Wasn't prepared for this shift. Amazing book.

    • BigMiracle

      Agreed! Now they hooked me for the next issues!

  • SwiftMann
    SwiftMann commented on the comic, Bad Reception #4
    Bad Reception #4

    Full-blown horror movie action. Finally.

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