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  • SuntzuOG

    Back issues with Spiderman, include the entire Clone Saga that ended the first 35+ year run of Amazing Spider-man, as well as final issues of Web of Spider-Man, Spectacular Spider-man, and of of course Spider-Man, annuals, special issues etc...all focusing primarily on the Clone Saga, but also reading from all 4 of those titles (all key issues from these four titles) that I grew up with in the 90's and formed my adoration for Spider-Man in my formative years.  

    After concluding the first runs of the 90's 4 major titles and constantly lookng for Older classic issues, especially those involving Symbiotes, and origin stories...I will move to Every major SPIDEY title in the aftermath of Clone Saga.  1999 on, all Earth 616 continuity Major titles and runs/volumes.  Including of course Superior Spiderman and up and through the year 2017.  Which titles best fit the continuity OF Spider-Man (no interest in Ultimate and alternate reality).

    (Outside of ASM runs  , what else should I read?  Which titles are the real deal???  Anyvhelo would be greatly appreciated?!

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    • gregroyj42

      What are you looking for besides Spider-Man, superheroes, fantasy, dystopian futures, mystery?  If you haven't read Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man by Tom Taylor it was an amazingly emotional read.

  • SuntzuOG

    Are the spiderman empyre tie ins sti going to be released?

  • SuntzuOG
    SuntzuOG commented on the comic, The Amazing Spider-Man: Sins Rising Prelude #1
    The Amazing Spider-Man: Sins Rising Prelude #1
    How many issue are expected for this Prelude? or was this a one-shot.
  • SuntzuOG
    SuntzuOG commented on the comic, The Amazing Spider-Man #6
    The Amazing Spider-Man #6

    Love Ramos, etc.. think they draw a better ASM than Ottley so far in this series.

  • SuntzuOG

    Anyon know how to get your marvel unlimited Android app to run on a laptop?  Please help!

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    • AzureDiamond

      Marvel Unlimited can be accessed from the web browser, you don't need to install any app. Anyway, if you really want to install the Android app on your laptop, you'll need to install either an emulator or an Android fork. BlueStacks is the most popular emulator (it runs on Windows and macOS) while Android-x86 (which offers the vanilla Android experience) and PrimeOS (which offers a regular desktop experience) are the most popular Android forks (both run on x86 computers).

SPIDEY FANATIC. VENOM satisfies my desire for more adult storylines. Loved the clone saga that ended the 90's epic run.
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