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  • sullypsych
    sullypsych commented on the comic, Justice League #47
    Justice League #47
    What an average book. This is sad though because if you are doing Justice League there is no reason it shouldn’t be the best book in DC unless they just don’t care right now.
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    • Foozman
      I dropped this. This is where marketing, and publication schedules just totally got in the way. No way for Capullo to keep up with the JL schedule. So I don’t see the alternative.
  • sullypsych
    sullypsych commented on the comic, Dark Nights: Death Metal #1
    Dark Nights: Death Metal #1

    Not sure why they are doing this book. I get that Batman who Laughs is a fad right now so wanting to sell some books before that fad ends. The art is great but that's about the only thing good about this book. I really feel this is a book the creative team just wanted to do for themselves and not readers. 

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    • Taren

      But I understand your views. Art for inly arts sake is also no fun... It's a balancing act. Having a good editorial department helps. 

  • sullypsych
    sullypsych commented on the comic, Batman #93
    Batman #93
    This is getting to be a joke and not in a good way. If you like only seeing Batman on 8 pages this is for you. If you like the new poochy ...I mean joker’s daughter....I mean punchline then you will like this. If you are a fan of just out right exposition this is also a good issue. I don’t understand why DC is digging joker to the ground until we all get tired of him. The rogues gallery is huge....
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    • sullypsych

      I was thinking of the Joker movie, Joker is Suicide Squad, and then Joker in books like Killer Smile, Joker/Harley, etc. It's all too much Joker for me. 

  • sullypsych
    sullypsych commented on the comic, Batman: The Smile Killer #1
    Batman: The Smile Killer #1
    Lemire is one of my all time favorites but I have no idea what this is even after reading the proceeding books again. I am not getting anymore of these if more get made
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    • gregroyj42

      This was a hard read.  There are so many refrences to killer smile and a lot of places where you have to assume what is meant.  The emotions are clear but not always the story.  For me I really enjoyed it.

  • sullypsych
    sullypsych commented on the comic, Daredevil #20
    Daredevil #20

    This was a great end to the 2-part arc. I feel like we get to see Daredevil back being Daredevil again. It makes me excited to see him in his prime again and not just existential dread all the time. Hope the Stormyn's story is over though as it never really landed for me. 

    • timtation415

      I just finished black Monday murders so I actually liked that aspect. How small hells kitchen is to them, how they handled fisk. 

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