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  • AlyoshaHogan98
    AlyoshaHogan98 » Sucu024

    Hi, I too from the country where comics aren't a part of culture. But I am fond of them for a long time, and I can help. Besides, at me will be the practician of English who isn't for me native too

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    • Sucu024

      Hey! Thank you! Yeah, we could help each other. That'd be nice.

  • Sucu024
    Sucu024 » Sucu024

    Maybe this sounds weird, but I literally need a friend who teaches me about comics. Comics aren't really a part of my culture. I'm not American or from any country in which comics are part of the culture. But I like them anyway. I read some stuff and enjoy them a lot. But sometimes I get frustrated because I have things i need answered. So, even if it sounds weird, if someone wants to be my friend and teach me about comics, I would very much appreciate it. Thanks :D 

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    • undeadquinn
      your welcome here im more indie type read don't much on cape books, if ya submiit stuff ill help ya out.
  • Sucu024
    Sucu024 commented on the comic, Batman: White Knight #1
    Batman: White Knight #1

    Loved it!

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