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  • UCS20060453  
    Detective Comics #1025
    DC Comics  ·  Aug 11th, 2020  ·  $3.99

    TALES FROM THE JOKER WAR: ATTACK ON WAYNE ENTERPRISES! The Joker has taken control of Waynetech R&D—and with it, all the weapons hidden in its sublevels—plus Lucius Fox as a hostage! The Joker and his clown-masked... View »

  • MAR200990  
    The Amazing Spider-Man #46
    Marvel Comics  ·  Aug 12th, 2020  ·  $3.99

    SINS RISING, PART TWO The Lethal Legion returns to threaten the Big Apple, and only Sin-Eater can save us? How can Spider-Man stop the murderous vigilante and...should he? View »

  • MAR200877  
    Captain Marvel #19
    Marvel Comics  ·  Aug 12th, 2020  ·  $3.99

    ACCUSED, PART TWO THE ACCUSER GOES ROGUE! Captain Marvel has stepped into the role of accuser in the newly unified Kree/Skrull Empire. But when she’s tasked to accuse a renegade soldier responsible for heinous crimes,... View »

  • MAR201023  
    The Immortal Hulk #36
    Marvel Comics  ·  Aug 12th, 2020  ·  $3.99


  • MAR200916  
    Marauders #11
    Marvel Comics  ·  Aug 12th, 2020  ·  $3.99

    FUNERAL FOR A MUTANT THE QUEEN IS DEAD! The Marauders...the Hellfire Trading Company...all of Krakoa is reeling from the death of Kate Pryde. View »

  • FEB201005  
    Revenge Of The Cosmic Ghost Rider #5
    Marvel Comics  ·  Aug 12th, 2020  ·  $3.99

    • Cosmic Ghost Rider launches a one-man war as Cammi's soul is dragged to hell! •  But as Cosmic Ghost Rider battles through the underworld to save her, he'll discover that there's something more... View »

  • APR201001  
    Venom #27
    Marvel Comics  ·  Aug 12th, 2020  ·  $3.99

    VENOM BEYOND, PART 2 When a new and dangerous foe erupts into Eddie Brock's life, it threatens to rip away everything Eddie holds dear. His son, his symbiote, even himself—EVERYTHING Eddie Brock loves is in jeopardy!... View »

  • MAR200917  
    X-Force #11
    Marvel Comics  ·  Aug 12th, 2020  ·  $3.99

    RED DAWN! After taking on the Flower Cartel, Logan has brought back valuable intel to the mutant CIA. The non-treaty nation of Russia is working to undermine Krakoa—and may be aligned with Xeno. Beast wants Colossus... View »

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