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  • StrayBullets
    StrayBullets commented on the comic, Black Hammer: Age of Doom #3
    Black Hammer: Age of Doom #3
    The other dimension was an amazing nod to Gaiman’s Sandman and his family The Endless. A nod to even the lettering fonts/style of the family members. So entertaining. Then I noticed another cool irony tid-bit - Todd Klein. He was the letterer for the entire run of Sandman - he’s been the letterer of Black Hammer.
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    • Forthekids15

      AH! I thought something seemed familiar. I loved the Sandman interpretation. It even poked fun a little. I hope Gaiman reads it. 

  • StrayBullets

    Hey Canadian (or any non USA) users of League of ComicGeeks - discovered a nice little hack to use on the site to convert the USD princing into CND on the fly for your Pull List!

    1. On your PULL LIST go to the bottom and click on "Edit Discount & Tax"

    2. In the "Discount" field put in the exchange rate but add a "-" minus symbol in front of the value.

    3. That's it! vowala!

    EXAMPLE: Current exchange rate USD to CAD 1.31 so you go to that DISCOUNT field and put ( -31.00%)

    Use the above logic for any country user outside of USA!

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    • marty922

      Thanks for the tip - but I'm not sure I want to do see my pull list or collection in Aussie dollars - it's likely to freak me out! :)

  • StrayBullets
    StrayBullets commented on the comic, Green Valley #1
    Green Valley #1
    I hope this is good?! Landis' last comic book venture Superman American Alien was near perfect!
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