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  • Steiner
    Steiner commented on the comic, Wonder Woman #750
    Wonder Woman #750

    This was an odd especial issue, fantastic artwork in general but the stories weren't memorable, some even felt out place like straight out from "Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman" anthologies , but my main problems where;

    1) Having the resolution of a main story arc with elseworld stories in the same issue.

    2) Missing the opportunity to start a new story arc to grab readers.


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    • Steiner

      Indeed, the future is uncertain.

  • Steiner
    Steiner commented on the comic, Wonder Woman #81
    Wonder Woman #81

    G. Willow Wilson probably made the 2nd best run of this ongoing series, even if there were a few things that I I didn't like (mainly in the Loveless arc) overall it felt like "a main Wonder woman series" with potential for more, it's a shame that the artwork was a hit or miss and that Steve Orlando is now writing the series.

    • gregroyj42

      I loved the story, generally disliked the art but I wonder why it was so short.  It seemed like a sudden and unnecessary change because both or Orlando's stints have sucked.

  • Steiner
    Steiner commented on the comic, He-Man and the Masters of the Multiverse #1
    He-Man and the Masters of the Multiverse #1

    Good idea, bad execution.

  • Steiner
    Steiner commented on the comic, Batman: Overdrive TP
    Batman: Overdrive TP

    This feels like a bad fanfic, I wonder why there is always a lost soul who wants to see Bruce in his teens not being batman interacting with young versions of his villains.

    Not sure who is the target for this, the story is kinda boring for a kid who is getting his Batman from Lego, a teen is watching the animated movies or playing videogames, so who is this for?

    • smarsh1

      The Scholastic demographic is $$$.

  • Steiner
    Steiner commented on the comic, Suicide Squad #4
    Suicide Squad #4

    Well this has been a dissappointment, I don't care about Harley, Deadshot is acting weird and the new characters are kinda boring also it seems that every issue introduces a new "this is the real reason why they joined SS".

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    • Taren

      I hear ya. I have not read tons of his work. But what I have read I have enjoyed. I really liked Xmen Red. I loved DCeased. I need to read his Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man... I hear that's very good. I have only read the first issue of Injustice and that was fantastic. I have not read this. From what I have read he gets the "auto try" with any book he does. 

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