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  • Standurd
    Standurd commented on the comic, Dark Nights: Metal #1
    Dark Nights: Metal #1
    Awesome issue. Ties so many DC aspects from the past together.
  • Standurd
    Standurd commented on the comic, Youngblood #4
    Youngblood #4
    Lame. Had high hopes for this book to.
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    • SwiftMann

      Bowers has some Ash/AOD book running at DF. I only know his work on X-Men '92 (which was awful). This is better, but it is, as Steiner said, generic and all done before.

      Liefeld has pretty much left every project he's ever worked on unfinished. He doesn't choose to stop it; he just loses interest at some point mid-story and moves on to revisit a different old property.

      But I have a weird soft-spot/trainwreck-watching-fascination with Liefeld, so I'm in until it stops shipping. Like Bloodstrike before it. And Brigade Returns* before that. And Youngblood before that. And DC's New 52 titles before that. And Avengelyne. And The Infinite. And Brigade. And Youngblood (again). And Supreme Sacrifice. And Nitrogen. And Youngblood Imperial. And Youngblood Genesis. And Youngblood Bloodsport. And...

      *Technically, this never started. But I haven't requested my money back cause I enjoy the random emails stringing us along about this Kickstarter.

  • Standurd
    Standurd commented on the comic, Harbinger: Renegade #6
    Harbinger: Renegade #6
    Strange issue that seemed to come from nowhere
  • Standurd
    Standurd commented on the comic, The Defenders #4
    The Defenders #4
    This series is great. Marquez is one of the best artists out.
  • Standurd
    Standurd commented on the comic, The Flash #28
    The Flash #28
    Loving Flash lately. It kinda sucked around issue 15- 16 but has picked up quickly
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