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  • Spiderguy72


  • Spiderguy72

    Found some sweet books this weekend!!

  • Fire Power by Kirkman & Samnee Vol. 1: Prelude TP

    A buddy of mine bought this for me to read

  • Spiderguy72
    Spiderguy72 commented on the comic, Acts of Vengeance: Avengers TP
    Acts of Vengeance: Avengers TP

    Yesss....it's finally mine!! One of my favorite crossover events from back in the day

  • Spiderguy72
    Spiderguy72 commented on the comic, Rom #1
    Rom #1

    Very happy to have this in my collection!!

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    • Taren

      Fun... The only connection I have with this book, (I have never read it) is that it was the book I saw when I went looking for issues of Frank Miller's Ronnin. Ha ha. I remember looking thought the long boxes for the rest of Miller's Ronnin series and this series was always right in front of it. Funny. 

Love to read Marvel comics! Basketball, wrestling, walking, hang out with friends sometimes....I have a YouTube channel called Sam's Tangled Web Check it out!!
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