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  • Spaze81
    Spaze81 commented on the comic, All-Star Superman TP Black Label Edition
    All-Star Superman TP Black Label Edition

    This is obviously a shameless cash grab. And the black circle looks awful against that beautiful sunset. DC couldn't even be bothered to give the cover a redesign. And did anybody else notice that this new version is 304 pages (according to Amazon), while the old version is 320 pages? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 16 pages fewer, with the same list price of $29.99.

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    • Spaze81
      I’d recommend everyone get the Absolute Edition. It’s amazing. And you can get it on eBay for $50. Avoid this pointlessly rebranded rubbish.
  • Spaze81
    Spaze81 commented on the comic, The Amazing Spider-Man #1
    The Amazing Spider-Man #1

    It's funny, I caught myself saying, "I can't believe they have 25 covers of this. That's ridiculous."

    Then I started scrolling down, saw Gabriele Dell'Otto's variant (before realizing it was his), and changed my tone. I like how variants sort of let you personalize an issue by gettingyour favorite cover

    I think I'm going to start collecting as many of Dell'Otto and Jim Lee's variants...

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    • Spaze81

      True. Sometimes several times that! I had to have Jim Lee's Rogol Zaar variant of Action Comics 1000, and I paid for it. Think of it in investing in relatively rare art. I'll probably hang them up on my wall for a few years, then cycle them out.

  • Spaze81
    Spaze81 commented on the comic, Isola #4
    Isola #4

    Somebody previously mentioned on here that Isola would be a six-issue run, but I’m not seeing anything that supports that. Looks to be an ongoing series. If there’s news to the contrary, though, please share!

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    • DaDiRa

      Yeah, half a year is too long! I will also have to re-read it by then.

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